Sally Hansen's Lipnotic Lipgloss

Posted by Sherry on 7:50 PM
This stuff is great!  I rank it number three on my top ten list.   I like it better than lipstick these days.  It's so pretty...it's like it has diamond sparkles in it ...
I have to admit, I have tons of lipglosses.  I know I can only use one at a time... but I'm addicted to them.  

My top ten faves:

1. Bath and Body Work Liplicious Lipgloss - OMG... love! They come in nice sheer colors, and they taste yummy (hint, hint).  My favorite flavors are fruit punch and cherry vanilla.  My least favorite: cranberry cocktail and pineapple (it smells funny). You can get them on sale for as low as five dollars.

2. Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Soothers:  I like that it has an spf 20.  That's more than my facial moisturizer has.  They come in pretty sheer colors, and has a cute, small tube that will fit in the smallest purse if need be.  My only caveat would be that there are not enough darker colors...they are all in the pinky orangy family.

3. Sally Hansen Lipnotic Gem Lipgloss:  I came across these by accident;  Ulta had a 'bogo' coupon and I took advantage of it, and I was surprised.  Very glittery and not thick, so you can layer it on top of lipstick or a lip stain if needed.

4. MAC Tinted Lipglass:   I like these for the variety colors and the consistency. I like red devil (not too red, not too brown), prrr (light pinky, peach) and c-thru (clear).  I also like that it as a doe foot applicator as opposed to a squeeze tube like they they used to make.  Some people don't like it because it's thicker than most.  NYX has a good  lipglass alternative that is cheaper.

5.  Lancome Juicy Tubes:  I also came across these years ago (like 1997 maybe?) when a friend of mine gave me her free sample that she didn't want.  These also have a sheer color and taste good.  I don't think they taste as good as the Liplicious ones though and they are almost twenty dollars... good, but not worth it, in my opinion.

6. American Girl Lipgloss:  It was nice.. I liked the Strawberry Creme one, it had a hint of mint, so it was tingly on your lips and moisturized well.  Unfortunately I found out that Bath & Body works discontinued it :( Boo hoo!

7:  Revlon Super Lustrious Lipgloss:Pretty colors, good price, and moisturizes lips well.

8.  Avon Glazewear lipgloss - Nice, but too opaque for me, and too thick and creamy.
9.  Milani Glamour gloss-  Didn't like it.  They come in pretty colors, but it felt chalky on my lips.  I like Milani's other products though.

10.  Covergirl Wetslicks- good for drugstore variety.  


haha, what a cute blog! I love the design and the spunk!! I love lipgloss but I'm probably more of a chapstick kind of girl!

Thanks Jen!

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