The Face Shop Masks

So hubby's out of town right now, and I decide to have some 'me' time.  I run to Walgreens to get some icecream (Haagen-Daz mango is my weapon of choice tonight- LUV!).  The lady that works at the cosmetics counter at my Walgreens is sweet and always so helpful, but tonight I really hoped I didn't see her because I was trying to make this quick so I could run back home to watch Oprah on my DVR...lol.  Yeeeah... sooooo she's there;  Darn!

SA: "Hey! [In her southern and oh-so-charming voice]"
Me: "Heeeey."
SA:  "We ghowt sum ov those mayusks you lak!"
Me: "oh really?--...Well, I really stopped in for icecream tonight"
SA: "Well purfikt! And you kin do a mayusk after yur ah-scream!"
Me: "Ok, I'll take a look at them."

So, not wanting my "ah-scream" to melt, I decided to go look at the masks (mayusks) she was talking about first.  See, she got me hooked on these a few months back, and I liked them.  They are by The Face Shop (search the site for "mask sheet") and are sold exclusively at Walgreens. My favorite ones are the Vita sheets (K,A,E,C and B) , The Fresh Fruit sheets (Pomegranite, Lemon and Aloe) and tonight I'm trying the Pearl mask sheet in the Essential collection---as we speak (what can I say?...I'm a multi-tasker :) ) This particular one is for clean skin, and usually your skin feels so refreshed afterwards. I picked up a couple of masks, my icecream, and a few eyeshadows (that she also told me about) and came home.  You guys should definately go check them out if you haven't already.   Back to Oprah and icecream...  ~Sher

Here's basically how the mask works: 


That's funny, I just saw those masks at Walgreens yesterday! They were pretty much sold out, so they must be pretty good! I'm going to try one out next time I go. I thought they were costly, but if they work, they'll be worth it.

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