NARS blushes!

As I mentioned previously, I frequent YouTube for new tips, tutorials and trends in makeup artistry and beauty products.  One of my favorite channels I subscribe to is Ateya Richard's "Smuve Completions". She is not only entertaining, but informative, and I like the makeup tips she likes to share.  She favors NARS products and uses some blushes and eyeshadows in most of her videos.   I read in a magazine that alot of celebrities were wearing "Exhibit A" NARS blush...and it has alot of women of color talking about it.  Well, after various reviews, I decided to check NARS blushes out.

I went to Sephora, just to put some on to see how the color worked out.   A very flamboyant and super nice SA in the store, comes up to me, and I ask him about NARS blush.

SA: "Oh honey!!! You are gonna luuuuvee Exhibit A!!"   He then takes me to the NARS section. . . 

Me: "Ummmm that's like florescent orange!!!...not my color"
SA:  "Just try it"
Me: "Okay (I'm too nice.)"

So he puts some of the blush on me, and I look in the mirror, and I'm shocked at how pretty the color looks!  I really can't explain it... it's like a natural flush of color that complements my skin so well!.  

Me: "Wow... I'm speechless".
SA: "Told you girl!"

I grab Exhibit A, and Albatross (see below).  That color scared me as well, until I put it on and liked it.  It's a cheekbone hightlight with a subtle, sheer, golden overlay.  I love it, and think they were both worth the money.  They are highly pigmented, so you just have to use a tiny bit.

Here is a picture (courtesy of Indian Makeup Diva ) of Exhibit A and Albatross together.

Scandalous Beauty's NARS review: 

I will try to post a photo of myself with these colors on later!
Do you have NARS blushes?  Which colors do you like?   Let me know!



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